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Children's Dental Care | Pediatric Dentistry

At Outlaw Dental, we provide comfortable, quality dental cleanings and exams for children of all ages. These include regular checkups, effective teeth cleaning, fluoride treatment, sealants to prevent cavities, and nitrous oxide as a sedative for certain dental procedures.

Regular Checkups

Outlaw Dental offers examining and cleaning checkups for children. Plaque and stain buildup is removed to prevent future gum disease and tooth decay. Most children are first seen at the age of 3 for regular dental checkups. Although if there's a potental problem at an earlier age, it is wise to call our dental office for an oral examination. It is recommended that your child has a regular dental checkup at least twice a year.

Teeth Cleaning

Proper and consistent teeth cleaning is important from an early age. Teeth cleaning well from an early age can prevent many future oral health issues from arising such as cavities and gum disease. For toddlers, teeth can be cleaned with a damp cloth using a very small amount of toothpaste. By the age of 6, children should get in the habit of brushing for at least 2 minutes at a time and flossing afterwards once their teeth have fully developed. Teeth brushing should also occur twice a day.


We evaluate children for fluoride treatment based on their current oral health status. Fluoride treatment is applied to aid in the prevention of cavities and to strengthen teeth over time. Fluoride helps protect tooth enamel from acidic damage and reverse early tooth decay. Drinking water also helps strengthen tooth enamel and helps prevent tooth decay due to its fluoride mineral level. There are also children's mouse rinses available to further improve oral health at home.


Dental sealants may be a highly effective option to prevent cavities for your child. According to a study by the Dental Data and Analysis Center, children with sealants were 78 percent less likely to need fillings that children without them. Sealants are plastic films painted on the chewing surface of teeth. Sealants are a safe and inexpensive method for children prone to cavities and tooth decay. Regular dental checkups twice of year are preferred for the examination of tooth decay and the monitoring of applied dental sealants.

Nitrous Oxide

As a sedative agent and laughing gas, nitrous oxide may be useful for certain children dental procedures. Nitrous oxide may be most useful as a sedation technique for mildly fearful, anxious, or sensitive children. Lengthy procedures or treatments often find use for nitrous oxide. The gas is mixed with oxygen and administered through a small mask over the child's nose. The effects of nitrous oxide are mild, safe, and quickly eliminated from the body. It is best to feed your child only liquid or a light meal a few hours before the dental procedure.

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