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By Outlaw Dental
August 11, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Are your smile’s imperfections wearing on you? Do you feel embarrassed to smile or laugh? If so, you could benefit from porcelain dental dental crownsrestorations like dental crowns. These natural-looking and effective restorations can breathe new life into your smile, giving you the confidence you need to feel great about the way you look. Find out more about dental crowns with Dr. James Outlaw at Outlaw Dental in Winter Park, FL.

What can a dental crown do for my smile? 
Dental crowns are important for several reasons. Their main job is to protect a tooth which has been compromised or weakened. This normally occurs due to decay or injury. However, dental crowns can also prove helpful in other situations, such as:

  • to stabilize a tooth with a large filling, like after a root canal
  • to improve the appearance of a tooth
  • to change the color of a tooth
  • to hold a dental bridge in place
  • to replace a tooth by fitting into a dental implant

The Benefits of Dental Crowns
Dental crowns’ versatility makes them beneficial to patients in many different situations. Thanks to their strong porcelain materials, dental crowns can stand up to everyday use and last many years before requiring maintenance or replacement. Additionally, porcelain has the same light-reflecting qualities and appearance as natural teeth, allowing your crown to blend into your smile without standing out.

Dental Crowns at Outlaw Dental in Winter Park, FL
If you think you could benefit from a dental crown, you must first meet several requirements. A dental crown requires enough remaining tooth to effectively support it. Patients with broken teeth which can no longer support a crown may not be a good candidate. Patients should also commit to a strong at-home dental care in between their bi-annual dental examinations and cleanings to keep their teeth and restorations clean and healthy.

For more information on dental crowns, please contact Dr. Outlaw at Outlaw Dental in Winter Park, FL. Don’t wait to restore your smile. Call (407) 671-6506 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Outlaw today!

By Outlaw Dental
June 10, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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Do you need a crown but don't have time for multiple visits to the dentist? Dr. James Outlaw, your Winter Park dentist at Outlaw Dental, dental crownsshares several benefits of same day crowns.

Less time at the dentist's office

Traditional crowns require two visits to your dentist's office. On the first visit, he'll file your tooth and make an impression of your mouth that will be sent to the dental laboratory that will create the crown. Approximately two weeks later, you'll return to receive your new crown. When you choose a same day crown, your dentist creates a ceramic or resin crown in his office, which means you'll only need one visit.

No need for temporary crown

If you opt for a traditional crown, you'll wear a temporary crown until your permanent crown is ready. Temporary crowns can feel a little bulky and can be damaged if you eat hard or sticky foods. Since same day crowns are made while you wait, a temporary crown isn't necessary.

No messy putty

A mouthful of messy dental putty is a thing of the past when you choose same day crowns. The same day crown system uses a 3D photograph of your mouth, rather than putty, to create a model of your mouth.

Reduced chance of an allergic reaction

Some crowns made in dental laboratories are constructed with a porcelain finish over a metal base. People who have metal allergies may experience sensitivity, pain and inflammation if they receive this type of crown. Because same day crowns are made of ceramic or resin, you don't have to worry about an allergic reaction.

Take advantage of the benefits of same day crowns to improve your smile. Call Dr. Outlaw, your Winter Park dentist at Outlaw Dental, at (407) 671-6506 to make an appointment. Transform your smile with same day crowns!

By Outlaw Dental
December 24, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
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The usual process of getting a crown takes about two to three appointments. You have to go in to have the tooth prepared and impressions made, then go into the dentist’s office again to have the permanent crown fitted. Thanks to a new dental technology, dental crownspatients who visit Outlaw Dental in Winter Park can skip the second or third visit. Learn why Same Day Crowns (better known as CEREC crowns) are the best option for restoring your smile.

Convenient for Busy Professionals
Working people who have busy schedules often prefer Same Day Crowns because instead of two or more visits to the dentist, they only have to schedule one session. It can be difficult to take time off of work for one appointment, but taking off for two appointments in a month is nearly impossible for some professionals. CEREC crowns allow your Winter Park dentist to restore your smile in one convenient dental visit.

Provides the Most Accurate Crown Measurements
For a traditional crown, the dentist takes an impression at the first appointment and then you must wait a few weeks for the finished crown to be created in a laboratory. During that time, your teeth could move, causing the measurements to change. Even with a temporary crown in place, the measurements might not be as exact as if the crown were made on the same day with CEREC technology. The CEREC machine also does a better job of forming and shaping each crown for an ideal fit.

A New Smile in Mere Hours
The most important benefit of Same Day Crowns is that you get to go home after just a couple of hours with a beautiful new smile. This is a wonderful thing if you’re pressed for time and have an important affair to attend. You can go to social gatherings, parties and dates feeling confident about flashing your smile.

Get Same Day Crowns at Your Next Appointment
If your dental problem requires a crown, talk to a dentist at Outlaw Dental in Winter Park, FL to find out more about how you can get one in just one appointment. Call the office at (407) 671-6506 today to schedule a consultation visit.