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By Outlaw Dental
June 24, 2019
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VeneersTeeth that are badly stained, shaped or crooked may be improved by a veneer placed on the surface of the affected teeth. Dr. Jim Outlaw, your Winter Park, FL cosmetic dentist, can tell you more.

What are Veneers?

Veneers are thin shells designed to cover the front side of your teeth. They can correct chipped, stained, decayed or crooked teeth.

What do veneers fix?

Veneers improve:

  • Uneven surfaces
  • Chipped and/or crooked teeth
  • Discoloration
  • Oddly shaped teeth
  • Uneven spacing

How are veneers installed?

The thin porcelain, or plastic, appliances are cemented on teeth surface to improve color and/or shape. Your Winter Park cosmetic dentist uses little or no anesthesia when cementing veneers on teeth. The procedure is irreversible because small amount of enamel are removed off the surface of your teeth.

You need at least three appointments for the procedure:

  • Diagnosis and treatment planning
  • Preparation
  • Bonding

A dental lab technician makes the veneers using a model of your teeth provided by your dentist.

What are the advantages of veneers?

Porcelain veneers hide undesirable defects such as:

  • Stained teeth
  • Teeth damaged by injury
  • Gaps in front teeth
  • Chipped or worn teeth

They also have,

  • Long life expectancy
  • Good color stability
  • High resistance to permanent staining

How do you care for veneers?

  • Avoid unhealthy food, like hard candy and sodas
  • Choose healthy food, like fruits and vegetables
  • Brush your teeth twice a day, at least, and make sure you hold the toothbrush at a 40-degree angles
  • Floss at least once before bed and make sure you try to floss under the gums on the edge of the tooth
  • Visit your doctor twice a year for your bi-annual checkup and dental cleaning

Who should you contact?

For more information on veneers, call Dr. Jim Outlaw at Outlaw Dental in Winter Park, FL, at (407) 671-6506.


Porcelain veneers represent one of the best values in cosmetic dentistry, capable of radically changing a person’s smile with little tooth surface preparation. Still, the small amount of tooth enamel usually removed to accommodate them will permanently alter the affected teeth, to the point they will require a veneer or other restoration from then on.

The traditional veneer has remarkable versatility for solving a number of minor cosmetic problems, correcting mild tooth positioning problems and replacing lost or damaged enamel. But to avoid an unnatural bulky appearance, a portion of the tooth enamel must be permanently removed to accommodate them.

In recent years, though, a new concept known as “prepless veneers” has emerged in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Understandably, this new, “drill-free” veneer application has caused a lot of debate among dentists and patients alike, with concerns of bulky, overly-contoured teeth resulting from the technique. But the concept is growing as many well-regarded dentists have incorporated both minimal prep and prepless veneers into their service offerings.

The prepless veneer offers a cosmetic solution that doesn’t alter the tooth permanently. Using techniques such as feathering, which tapers and blends the veneer seamlessly with the tooth at the gum line, we can avoid an unnatural appearance while offering patients a much less invasive outcome.

The main disadvantage of prepless veneers at this time is that they’re not appropriate in every case. In fact, careful patient selection is a key to a successful outcome. For example, relatively large teeth or teeth positioned too far forward don’t work well with an added layer of thickness.

If, on the other hand, you have small, short or worn teeth, or teeth overshadowed by your lips — just to name a few likely scenarios — then you may benefit immensely from prepless veneers without permanent alteration to your teeth. A detailed examination is your first step to finding out if this new technique could provide you with a less-invasive smile makeover.

If you would like more information on drill-free porcelain veneers, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation. You can also learn more about this topic by reading the Dear Doctor magazine article “Porcelain Veneers without the Drill.”

By Outlaw Dental
February 22, 2018
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How veneers from your dentist in Winter Park can enhance your smileveneers

Do you want a great looking smile, but instead you have unattractive, cracked, or yellowed teeth? If your smile is suffering, chances are your self-esteem is suffering too! It’s time to bring out your beautiful smile and it’s easy, thanks to porcelain veneers. Dr. James Outlaw at Outlaw Dental in Winter Park, FL wants to share how porcelain veneers can help you and your smile.

Your smile plays a big part in your self-esteem and self-confidence. If your teeth are damaged or showing the signs of aging, it can affect how you feel about yourself. That’s where porcelain veneers can help. 

Veneers are thin laminates of beautiful porcelain which are cemented onto the front surfaces of teeth. They are designed to cover up many unsightly cosmetic dental issues including:

  • Yellowing, thinning teeth due to aging
  • Cracks, defects or fractures due to trauma
  • Breakage, chipping or tooth wear due to bad habits
  • Heavy stains and discolorations from smoking, coffee or medications

You can also cosmetically alter the positioning of teeth by closing gaps between teeth, eliminating tooth overlap, and correcting the look of rotated teeth.

With proper care, your porcelain veneers will last for many years and still look dazzling. That’s because porcelain repels stains, and will stay sparkling even if you drink coffee or smoke. Porcelain veneers also look just like natural teeth because porcelain is translucent and reflects light, just like natural tooth enamel.

If you want to jazz-up your smile for a special event you have coming up, porcelain veneers are a perfect choice. They typically require between two to three appointments to complete, including a consultation, preparation, and cementation appointment.

If you want a beautiful smile, porcelain veneers can help. If you want to get noticed and feel better about yourself, porcelain veneers can help with that too! It all starts with a simple phone call to Dr. Outlaw at Outlaw Dental in Winter Park, FL. You deserve a fantastic smile, so get started by calling today!


What's an actor's most important feature? According to Vivica A. Fox, whose most recent big-screen role was in Independence Day: Resurgence, it's what you see right up front.

"On screen, your smile and your eyes are the most inviting things that bring the audience in" she said. "Especially if you play the hot chick."

But like lots of people, Vivica reached a point where she felt her smile needed a little help in order to look its best. That's when she turned to a popular cosmetic dental treatment.

"I got veneers years ago," Ms. Fox told Dear Doctor magazine in a recent interview, "just because I had some gapping that probably only I noticed."

What exactly are dental veneers? Essentially, they are thin shells of lustrous porcelain that are permanently attached to the front surfaces of the teeth. Tough, lifelike and stain-resistant, they can cover up a number of defects in your smile — including stains, chips, cracks, and even minor spacing irregularities like the ones Vivica had.

Veneers have become the treatment of choice for Hollywood celebs — and lots of regular folks too — for many reasons. Unlike some treatments that can take many months, it takes just a few appointments to have veneers placed on your teeth. Because they are custom made just for you, they allow you to decide how bright you want your smile to be: anywhere from a natural pearly hue to a brilliant "Hollywood white." Best of all, they are easy to maintain, and can last for many years with only routine care.

To place traditional veneers, it's necessary to prepare the tooth by removing a small amount (a millimeter or two) of its enamel surface. This keeps it from feeling too big — but it also means the treatment can't be reversed, so once you get veneers, you'll always have them. In certain situations, "no-prep" or minimal-prep veneers, which require little or no removal of tooth enamel, may be an option for some people.

Veneers aren't the only way to create a better smile: Teeth whitening, crowns or orthodontic work may also be an alternative. But for many, veneers are the preferred option. What does Vivica think of hers?

"I love my veneers!" she declared, noting that they have held up well for over a decade.

For more information about veneers, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation.

By Outlaw Dental
August 03, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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Would you like to change something about your smile, but aren't sure if you want to spend hours at the dentist's office to achieve a perfect smile? Dental veneers offer a simple way to improve your smile. Dr. James F. Outlaw, your Winter Park, FL, cosmetic dentist at Outlaw Dental, is here to share some information about veneers.Veneers

Veneers conceal imperfections

Dental veneers are porcelain shells that are about as thick as a fingernail. Although they're thin, they effectively hide the cosmetic issues that can make you feel self-conscious about your smile. Veneers are constructed of porcelain, a durable material that looks like your natural tooth enamel. Since they're only attached to the front surfaces of your teeth, they don't require extensive dental work.

Veneers are a good choice if you're concerned about:

  • Cracks or Chips: Veneers easily conceal small chips or cracks that can mar your smile.
  • Slight Gaps Between Teeth: Would you like to get rid of a small gap between your front teeth? Veneers offer the perfect way to conceal slight gaps. If you have a large gap, orthodontic treatment may be a better option.
  • Discolorations: Teeth can become discolored if you've had root canal treatment or a large filling, or used tetracycline to treat an infection. Veneers are resistant to staining from coffee, tea, wine and cola, making them a good choice if you want to whiten all of your teeth but don't want to give up your favorite beverages.
  • Oddly Shaped Teeth: Sometimes, one tooth is too short, crooked or just looks a little funny. A veneer offers a simple way to change the appearance of that tooth and help it blend in with surrounding teeth.

The Veneer Process

After your initial consultation, you'll only need to visit your Winter Park, FL dentist twice to receive your veneers. During the first visit, the fronts of your teeth will be filed slightly to accommodate the veneers, then an impression will be taken of your teeth. A dental laboratory will use the impression to create your new veneers. When you arrive for your second visit, your dentist will check the fit of your veneers before applying them permanently with dental cement and a special curing light.

Improve your smile with veneers. Call Dr. James Outlaw, your Winter Park, FL, cosmetic dentist at Outlaw Dental, at (407) 671-6506 to learn how you can benefit from veneers. Make over your smile with dental veneers!