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Cosmetic DentistryThose minor chips and cracks in your teeth will quickly become a thing of the past.

Ever wondered if there was a dental treatment out there that could quickly and easily reshape a tooth and improve the overall look of your smile without having to come into the office multiple times or having to spend more than you bargained for? If you said yes, then our Winter Park, FL, cosmetic dentist, Dr. James Outlaw, is here to tell you how cosmetic contouring, or tooth reshaping, might be right for you.

Tooth reshaping is a dental technique that involves removing small amounts of enamel from the tooth to reshape, resize, and even improve the surface of one or more teeth. It can quickly make you feel more confident and self-assured in your appearance.

Keep in mind that while this treatment can be great for repairing minor chips, cracks, unevenness, or surface problems, but it won’t be able to tackle more moderate-to-severe cosmetic flaws. Cosmetic contouring is perfect for someone looking to make more conservative changes to their smile that will nonetheless achieve incredible and visible results. It’s also a great option for someone who wants to tweak their smile but may be a little more anxious or apprehensive about undergoing certain dental procedures.

When you come in for cosmetic contouring, the first thing our Winter Park dentist will do is discuss the issues you are having and what your overall smile goals are. From there we will examine your smile and determine if cosmetic contouring is the right approach for giving you the results you want. If you are an ideal candidate, this procedure can be done right away.

Plus, it’s quick, easy and completely non-invasive. You won’t even need anesthesia or numbing gel beforehand because there is absolutely no discomfort involved. In less than a half hour, you could finally have a new and improved smile thanks to cosmetic contouring.

If you are interested in getting cosmetic contouring and want to find out if this is right for you then it’s time to call Outlaw Dental in Winter Park, FL. We would be happy to schedule a consultation as soon as possible or we can discuss your treatment options during your next six-month dental cleaning. Call us today to learn more.