Why Same Day Crowns are the Best Option
By Outlaw Dental
December 24, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
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The usual process of getting a crown takes about two to three appointments. You have to go in to have the tooth prepared and impressions made, then go into the dentist’s office again to have the permanent crown fitted. Thanks to a new dental technology, dental crownspatients who visit Outlaw Dental in Winter Park can skip the second or third visit. Learn why Same Day Crowns (better known as CEREC crowns) are the best option for restoring your smile.

Convenient for Busy Professionals
Working people who have busy schedules often prefer Same Day Crowns because instead of two or more visits to the dentist, they only have to schedule one session. It can be difficult to take time off of work for one appointment, but taking off for two appointments in a month is nearly impossible for some professionals. CEREC crowns allow your Winter Park dentist to restore your smile in one convenient dental visit.

Provides the Most Accurate Crown Measurements
For a traditional crown, the dentist takes an impression at the first appointment and then you must wait a few weeks for the finished crown to be created in a laboratory. During that time, your teeth could move, causing the measurements to change. Even with a temporary crown in place, the measurements might not be as exact as if the crown were made on the same day with CEREC technology. The CEREC machine also does a better job of forming and shaping each crown for an ideal fit.

A New Smile in Mere Hours
The most important benefit of Same Day Crowns is that you get to go home after just a couple of hours with a beautiful new smile. This is a wonderful thing if you’re pressed for time and have an important affair to attend. You can go to social gatherings, parties and dates feeling confident about flashing your smile.

Get Same Day Crowns at Your Next Appointment
If your dental problem requires a crown, talk to a dentist at Outlaw Dental in Winter Park, FL to find out more about how you can get one in just one appointment. Call the office at (407) 671-6506 today to schedule a consultation visit.