Same-Day Crowns - The Race Car Pit Stop of Dentistry
By Outlaw Dental
October 14, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
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Race cars have their name for a reason; the most important thing about them is their speed. However, the speed of the cars has a lot to do with the speed of their pit crews. We all know that dental work can be tedious. Many dental procedures require multiple appointments that can use up much more of your time than you wish to give. Luckily, thanks to great strides in dental technology, at Crowns least one of those procedures can be cut down to a single appointment. With help from your pit crew at Outlaw Dental, you can have your crowns set the same day you have your tooth filled.

What are crowns?
Crowns are a ceramic cap that fits over a damaged or weakened tooth to strengthen it. Traditional crowns are fabricated in a dental lab. Due to the turnaround time, traditional crowns usually take two appointments. Same-day crowns are made in-office while patients wait during an approximately 2-hour appointment.

How do same-day crowns work? 
The tooth in question and the area around it is first numbed with local anesthetic. Once the area is completely numb, the decay in the tooth is drilled out and removed. The tooth is then shaped to prepare it for the crown. At an appointment for a traditional crown, an impression would be made of the shaped tooth, then sent to the lab for processing. A temporary crown is then affixed to the tooth. The next appointment is be scheduled for about two weeks later, where the temporary crown comes off and the permanent crown is bonded to the tooth.

If you are receiving a same-day crown, the crown will be fabricated right there in the office rather than in a lab. Impressions of the tooth are taken digitally, and a machine is used to create a ceramic crown to fit the tooth perfectly. After the crown is bonded to the tooth, you can go on your way with a shiny, new tooth with no further appointments to worry about.

If you are considering same-day crowns or have questions about them, Outlaw Dental in Winter Park, FL can help have you back to your everyday life in no time. Call (407) 671-6506 to schedule an appointment today!